Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SEO in 2014 and What It Means to a Website Owner

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in 2014, It is becoming even more important for site owners to address. There are great tools out there to look into a site and see it the way Search Engines look at a website. But for most business owners its all Chinese to them!  A client of mine who was listening to me talk about his sites faults over breakfast pointed it out to me, as his eyes glazed over, he said, "just get it fixed for me please, I don't wanna learn that!"

GCG introduced a tool back in 2013 that we use with other web apps to look at our customers sites and see where the problems lie. Most older sites that don't update regularly lose value as they get stale and the business owner don't understand why they are no longer on the fist page of Google.

We decided to roll this service into our Managed Digital Accounts package giving business owners the information they need but letting them decide if they can fix it themselves or have a third part do the work. They invariably choose to let GCG do the work and our engineers take great care to make sure the work is done with a look to the future. http://www.globalcreativegroup.com/seo.html

The way the search engines are ranking sites in 2014 and their relevance to keywords makes the PPC Campaign spend fluctuate in price, a well optimized site with the correct keywords can save a business owner hundreds of dollars per month against a site that was poorly structured. Organic traffic due to great placement in the search results will bring in a lot of traffic that would normally never get so deep as to see your listing.

So get busy taking a look at where your company's website stands and learn about the fixes that will have you heading back to the top of search and spending less on you PPC campaigns.


  1. When I first began my own business, I found that it was a struggle to do all of the marketing and outreach myself. This was especially true for all the website and social media work. Once I found an SEO service, I was able to let the experts do their thing so I could focus on building my client base.

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