Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GCG Content Marketing Agency Expansion in Phoenix for 2014

For 25 years now I have been marketing and selling products and services. When I sat down to look back at the last 25 years, I realized I had been engaged in some of the most difficult marketing challenges ever. What would that be? I hear you ask. Selling things that are purely a 'want' rather than in any degree a 'need'.

One might say that you don't really 'need' a flashlight, you 'want' one. But that night comes when the power goes out or you can't find your kids shoes in the dark garden and now you realize, you 'need' a flashlight.

But selling entertainment products, especially content can be argued that on the list of 'needs', music, video and film are way down the list.

When I was asked to help a friend market his business selling office products, I thought I was a genius, I couldn't make a mistake, and we grew business multifold, people 'need' pens, paper, pencils, etc.

Marketing 'need based' items is a case of joining the dots between the buyers who are looking, and the sellers, who are well positioned to make the sale.

In 2013, my passion for marketing reached new heights, and I found a new buzz, making businesses more successful, getting paid for it doesn't hurt either. I love seeing a business owner solve problems, make sales' and enrich their companies, employees and families.

So in 2014, I am going to get the financing to make a real splash with GCG Content Marketing, so if you are a business or know someone who 'needs and wants' a marketing firm that cares, then give us a chance to show you how much we can do for you!



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