Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EZ-Driver, Proof of GCG Work Concept - Now on Page 1 of Google

It is funny how you meet people, I was in Staples looking at tablets and making sure I was choosing the right one for my work, when a lady looking like she didn't have time to stand around waiting asked, "if I knew anything about computers", when I answered her question and gave her the advice she was looking for, she asked what I did, when she found out I was a Digital Marketing Specialist she asked me to reach out to an entrepreneur friend of hers who needed help.

Mike owns Arizona Transmission Machine, an auto shop specializing in transmissions. Mike is a brilliant guy with cars, he could probably take them apart blindfolded and put them back together, working better than before. He is also an inventor and has a Patent on his Universal Bearing Installer, the EZ-Driver. 

Mike had a badly put together website by an indie designer, the site has, spelling errors, no concept, no calls to action, nothing really of any use, just page filler without purpose. When I tested a few keywords like "Bearing Installer" he came up in the Google search, on page 6! There were links ahead of him that were not even relevant to the keywords. He also had not had a sale via his site in over 2 years!

In Feb 2014, Mike agreed to let GCG take a crack at rebuilding his website, we first planned a Marketing Content Strategy for his EZ-Driver, What does it do? and, What does it Work On? We focussed on who his potential customers are and how to connect with them. We built the new site specifically to talk to his target demographic, not to designers or hipsters but to auto mechanics. We implemented the Business Marketing Management Plan and started taking a look at the detail behind all this work and how the search engines see his site. It is affordable and gives a website owner incredibly detailed information. When we first reindexed his site we got to page 4. After doing more work on the site and letting the spiders connect the dots on the web for Mike, we implemented a small AdWords Campaign. We created content including videos and other valuable content and syndicated it in his industry and around the web.

Now in April 2014, "Bearing Installer" is on the first page of Google, the due diligence has paid off and Mike is getting organic traffic that is worth real money. Better still he is now getting sales via his site. Even his distributors around the industry are paying notice as he knocks them down the Google rankings.

This illustrates the Proof of GCG Work Concept that is so important. We NEVER GUARANTEE that we will get a client on Page 1, not even Google allow you to do that, we don't cheat, we work hard and it is great to see it pay off and for our client Mike and his EZ-Driver tool, we are thrilled!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GCG Content Marketing Agency Expansion in Phoenix for 2014

For 25 years now I have been marketing and selling products and services. When I sat down to look back at the last 25 years, I realized I had been engaged in some of the most difficult marketing challenges ever. What would that be? I hear you ask. Selling things that are purely a 'want' rather than in any degree a 'need'.

One might say that you don't really 'need' a flashlight, you 'want' one. But that night comes when the power goes out or you can't find your kids shoes in the dark garden and now you realize, you 'need' a flashlight.

But selling entertainment products, especially content can be argued that on the list of 'needs', music, video and film are way down the list.

When I was asked to help a friend market his business selling office products, I thought I was a genius, I couldn't make a mistake, and we grew business multifold, people 'need' pens, paper, pencils, etc.

Marketing 'need based' items is a case of joining the dots between the buyers who are looking, and the sellers, who are well positioned to make the sale.

In 2013, my passion for marketing reached new heights, and I found a new buzz, making businesses more successful, getting paid for it doesn't hurt either. I love seeing a business owner solve problems, make sales' and enrich their companies, employees and families.

So in 2014, I am going to get the financing to make a real splash with GCG Content Marketing, so if you are a business or know someone who 'needs and wants' a marketing firm that cares, then give us a chance to show you how much we can do for you!